Museum of Kalevipoeg

Kääpa village, Saare Parish,49 323 Jõgeva County
Phone: +372 773 4896, +372 5345 8343
GPS X: 6509790.4, Y: 665089
B: 58° 41`46.58″, L: 26° 50`54.1″

01.04-31.10 Tue-Sat 10-16
01.11-31.03 Mon-Fri 10-16

There are 12 thematical rooms in the museum. In three of the rooms, the materials connected with Kalevipoeg are introduced. In the school room the educational life of the region and of Estonia is displayed. The exhibition in the crafts room displays women’s handicraft and needlework equipment. In the room of regional studies our ancestors’ tools, dinnerware and furniture are displayed. The exhibition in the room of the former and present Republic of Estonia displays the activities and social life of Saare Parish. In the “Cell“ one can see how the Soviet power used violence against the people of Saare Parish.