The Kalevipoeg Museum is open!

The national epic 'Kalevipoeg' is the most translated work in Estonia. The story, about an ancient hero, is worth discovering and there is no better place to do so than in Kalevipoeg's Home in Jõgeva County.

The Kalevipoeg Museum has been thoroughly renovated by 2020, and here you can be part of the adventures of the giant hero through interactive exhibits, virtual reality, games, films and other exciting tools.

In addition, Kalevipoeg’s Playground and adventure park await visitors.

Kalevipoeg's Home is located in the village of Kääpa, which is where the hero of the epic established his furrows. Kääpa is in Mustvee municipality, 36 kilometres from Jõgeva, 21 kilometres from Mustvee and 35 kilometres from Tartu.