Jõgeva County is known as Kalevipoeg territory. The exciting landscapes here may have been created as a result of the hero’s deeds. A more detailed overview of his feats can be found in the Kalevipoeg Museum, but the area around Kääpa also offers a lot to discover in the natural environment.

Nearby you will find many hiking and cycling trails.



  • Kalevipoeg's sword in the Kääpa River – according to legend, Kalevipoeg's sword, purchased from a Finnish blacksmith, lies right here at the bottom of the river. Even today, if you take a close look you can see the iridescent sword beneath the water.
  • Tomb of Kalevipoeg – three round tombs, in one of which Kalevipoeg is thought to have been buried.
  • Kalevipoeg's bed in Voore – There are a number of big hills by the Kullavere River, one of them being Kalevipoeg's bed. The top of Linnamäe is a nice place for a picnic.


Hiking trails

There are three hiking trails in the immediate vicinity of Kalevipoeg’s Home.

  • Lake Saare study trail – 3.5 kilometres
  • Jõemõisa hiking trail – 0.5 kilometres
  • Tammeluha hiking trail – 3 kilometres

The Pala health trails, which vary in length from 2.0 to 7.5 kilometres, are not far away either.


Bicycle paths

Right next to Kalevipoeg's Home is a bicycle path that is 78 kilometres long – the Kodavere-Saare-Mustvee-Kodavere circuit.

Nearby, another possibility for bike trips, coming in at 37 kilometres long, is the Palamuse-Saare manor-Palamuse circuit.


In fact, there are other ways of exploring the natural environment here as well. Information on all hiking and cycling trails in Jõgeva County can be found at the Kalevipoeg Museum or at Jõgeva County Tourist Information Centre. See also

Kalevipoeg's Home can recommend Vahur Sepa's nature classes to all nature lovers.