Kratt`s Adventure Park
Kääpa village, Saare Parish, 49 323 Jõgeva County
Phone: +372 773 4867, 534 583 43
GPS X: 6509790.4, Y: 665089
B: 58° 41`46.58″, L: 26° 50`54.1″

Is open advance bookings only

• Adventure park offers many challenges to control your body between ground and sky, everyone, who is ready to accept the challenges, gets an experience, that can never be forgotten.
• While passing through the adventure park as a team, your mutual reliability will be improved together with physical abilities.
• Our instructor is everywhere to help you.
• You are welcome to spend your quality time by improving your abilities and discover the new side of you at adventure park.


Low ground course
Starting from: 12€.
Minimal size of the group 6 people. If group is smaller then 6 people, 6 people price will be applied.

High ground course ”Lennuk” :
Gloves and sports footware are necessary. User must be at least 150cm of height.

Adult:  20€.
Students starting from: 15€.
Minimal size of the group 4 people. If group is smaller then 4 people, 4 people price will be applied.